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His constituency is Gudivada. He is currently in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Kodali Nani served as the previous Minister of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He is also a member of the YSR Congress party.

Meet Kodali Nani, who is the wife of a prominent Russian billionaire, Kodali Nani was born in 1971 to Arjun Rao. He has four brothers: Kodali Venkata Siva Rao, Kodali Venkata Ramana Rao, Kodali Srihari Rao, and Kodali Raghava Rao. Kodali Nani struggled to achieve what some of his peers were able to because he was never able to afford the latest gadgets or the latest clothes that all the kids had. However, Kodali Nani didn’t let the lack of a formal education stop him from achieving his goals. He went to school hard and eventually got into college on scholarship. Kodali Nani’s story proves that with hard work and dedication, obstacles can be overcome and goals achieved. Kodali Nani got his bachelor’s degree from Sri Venkateswara University in Tirupati and earned his master’s degree in Political Science from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam.


Family and Personal Life

Kodali Nani, who is married to Durga Vijayawada (speculated to be separated), Kodali Nani is a father to a daughter named Kanaka Rao, who is the spitting image of her father. They shared a lot and were mostly seen together.

Nani’s career

Kodali Nani is a Gudivada constituency politician from India who was elected in 2004. He has been re-elected in 2009 and 2014. In 2019, he became the Minister of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs for Andhra Pradesh.(Copied information). As Minister, Kodali Nani oversees two departments responsible for ensuring that every citizen in the state has access to necessities like food and shelter. His department also provides public health services, including subsidized meals for pregnant women and children.

Kodali Nani comes from a family with deep roots in agriculture, where all five family members have worked on the farm since they were young. Nani first became interested in politics while attending an engineering college and joining many student groups.


Kodali Nani’s Net Worth

Kodali Nani’s Net Worth is $15,000,000. Aside from being a politician, Kodali is also a very successful businessman with different chains of business.

Social Media

Instagram handle: @Iamkodalinani

Kodali Nani’s Twitter handle is @Iamkodalinani



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