Korra Obidi Biography and Net Worth

Korra Obidi Biography and Net Worth
Korra Obidi Biography and Net Worth

You might have heard about Korra Obidi from the news or the Internet, and you may want to find out her net worth and biography. You can learn about her modeling and music career. You can also find out about her social media presence. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the woman, but here are a few facts.

Known for her performances on the biggest stages in Nigeria and abroad, Korra Obidi has also been featured by top Nigerian artists. Her hit song, “Park nicely,” is the current number four hit on the Nigerian music charts. She has also appeared in numerous videos, including the music video for “Wings” by Black Eye Peas. Her net worth is currently unknown.

Korra Obidi was born on June 23, 1994, in Oshimili, Delta State, Nigeria. She grew up in Lagos and had a daughter. Her parents are Christians, who raised her to respect God and do His will. Her parents are members of Deeper Life Bible Church, where she attended church growing up.

Her modeling career

The Nigerian model, born in 1994, has made a fortune through her modeling career. She has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 140 lbs or 64 kilograms. She is active on social media and has many followers on Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to her modeling career, Korra has an active singing career, showcasing her vocal and dance talents on social media. She has appeared in music videos for Nigerian artists such as Davido and Orezi. She has also performed on major stages in Nigeria. In addition, she has appeared on a popular American reality dance show called So You Think You Can Dance. She later went on to become a dancing instructor, mentoring young dancers.

Korra Obidi has several successful businesses and owns several enterprises. Her net worth is estimated at least $1 million, but her net worth may increase to $3 million or even more by 2021. She is a highly talented dancer and has won several modeling competitions and awards.

Her music career

Korra Obidi is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and dancer who began her music career as a child. She first performed at church and learned Belly Dance and Classical Odissi in Egypt and Lagos. She has performed in various music videos and participated in fashion shows, such as GTBank Fashion Week and the Port Harcourt International Fashion Week.

Korra Obidi was born in Oshimili, Delta State, Nigeria. She grew up in Lagos, which was influenced by a Christian upbringing. Her parents were devoted members of Deeper Life Bible Church and taught her to respect God.

Her social media presence

Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has recently been the subject of a massive divorce controversy. She has said that her presence on social media may have contributed to the breakup of her first marriage. Recently, she uploaded a video of herself dancing with her daughters, which quickly went viral. Fans started speculating that Korra was pregnant, which she’s now denied.

The model is no stranger to controversy, as she is well-known for her fashion sense, particularly her nose ring that extends to her ears. She has faced backlash from some fans for her unique dressing style and apparent nudity.

Her husband

The net worth of Korra Obidi is $1 million. This is the amount of money she makes by pursuing various careers. She is also a mother to two children. Her husband is a sports therapist and a chiropractor from the United States. She and her husband welcomed their first child, June Dean, on July 9, 2018. In March 2022, they announced the arrival of their second child, Athena Dean.

The couple met on the dating website Tinder. Initially, she taught dance language in Shanghai, China, while Dean was a sports therapist with the Chinese National Olympic Team. The couple married in Delta State, Obidi’s hometown. During their marriage, the couple had a baby girl and a daughter who is still minor.

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