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Mitch Grassi is a talented American singer and songwriter. Coming from Arlington, Texas and singing in the Pentatonix. You know the singer Mitch Grassi, who was one-third of Pentatonix and Superfruit.

Mitch Grassi’s Early Life & Education

Mitch Grassi was born in Arlington, Texas, on July 24th, 1992. He was raised in the family of Mike and Nel Grassi. His father is from New York, while his mother is from Texas. Mitch Grassi is of mixed background, which includes Italian and a mix of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh. His parents moved to DFW from Arlington in the 1980s. Mitch attended Martin High School. Mitch and his sister, Jessa, are singers. Mitch also has an uncle who is a singer with a high tenor voice.

Mitch Grassi explained that Lady Gaga is to thank for him coming out. This happened when he was 17 years old and before her song “Born this Way.”

Learn more about Mitch Grassi’s personal life

Mitch Grassi identifies as gay and openly expresses it through his age of 17. Upon studying in high school with a fellow student, he had an open relationship with Scott Hoying. In 2017, Mitch Grassi was voted second most eligible gay guy behind Adam Lambert. He and Scott Hoying dated briefly but they remained best friends after breaking up.

What Mitch Grassi is doing these days

Pentatonix is a quintet that performs music. They typically sing acappella in their records, and they have earned success through touring, as well as abroad. NBC’s acappella reality series The Sing-Off was difficult for them to win just because of the competition in America, but they managed to surpass this obstacle.

Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix said it was ultimately beneficial because of their change to YouTube in 2012. The label dropped them because the combination of their audience and sound were too specialized, which made it difficult for people to buy albums or concert tickets.

Seven million earned more than 17 million YouTube subscribers, 3 billion video views and 4.4 billion video views as of February 2020.

Superfruit is a YouTube channel where Mitch Grassi and his former partner, Scott Hoying post sketches, comedy and duets. They started posting videos when they noticed that most of their viewers were interested in music videos.

Superfruit videos include hits such as “Evolution of Miley Cyrus”, “Evolution of Beyoncé Songs” and “Snowed In”. The band was said to have been born from Mitch Grassi’s self-discovery.

What’s Mitch Grassi’s net worth?

A Star TV reporter revealed that Mitch Grassi is estimated to be worth about $8 million. These earnings come from his Pentatonix career and various ventures, such as his solo career and performances for the show “The Sing-Off”.

Mitch Grassi’s social media presence

Instagram handle: @Mitchgrassi

Mitch Grassi’s Twitter account: @Mitchy_grassi

All the songs on Mitch Grassi’s discography

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Feel It Still
The Sound Of Silence
Daft Punk
Amazing Grace
Carol Of Bells
Blinding Lights
Can’t Sleep, Love
The Prayer


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