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Patrick Wayne Stay, also known as Pat Stay, was a Canadian battle rapper and songwriter born on February 18, 1986. He was a musician who became a King of the Dot Champion in the world of battle rap. He was known for being aggressive and having a quick mind, which helped him win many battles. Pat Stay was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When he was a teenager, he started rapping for the first time.

He became well-known quickly in the Canadian battle rap scene, and he eventually started to battle rappers worldwide. He has been called the “undisputed champion” of battle rap because he has shown himself to be a tough opponent.
If you like battle rap, then you should listen to Pat Stay. He was one of the best at what he did and will definitely put on a great show.

Early Life and School

Pat Stay was born in 1986 in the Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was raised in a small town and always liked music. Pete Stay is his brother, and Kate Stay-Bailey is his sister. Greta Grant is the name of his mother. When he was a teenager, he began to write rhymes and perform them at open mic nights. When he was 19, he graduated from a public high school in Nova Scotia and moved to Toronto to try to become a rapper for a living.

At first, his parents didn’t agree with what he wanted to do, but Pat Stay was determined to follow his heart. As soon as he got to Toronto, he made a list of everything he needed to do before he could go on stage.

After a month, Pat Stay booked a show and met some people who wanted to help him get famous. Since then, success has followed him wherever he goes.

Personal Life

Pat Stay was a good husband and father when he wasn’t making battle rap. He talks a lot about how important his family is to him and how they are the reason he does everything he does.

Pat Stay got a new wife, and she was just called Natt Stay. Natt Stay is also a singer making a name for himself in the music business. Pat Stay was a regular guy who was always ready to help anyone who needed it.

Pat Stay also dated Malyssa Stay. He did not have a child before he died. Pat Stay was stabbed to death in Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada, on September 4, 2022.


Pat Stay was a Canadian battle rapper who became a King of the Dot Champion and had a lot of success in the battle rap world. He was known for being aggressive and having a quick mind, which helped him win many battles.

Some of his most famous fights were with rappers like Arsonal, Dizaster, and Daylyt. Even though he didn’t win every one of these matches, his opponents still respected him.

He is one of the best battle rappers because he can compete with any other rapper. Pat Stay played at venues worldwide and went up against some of hip-hop’s best artists.

Pat Stay’s goal when he performed was to give people more power through his shows. He doesn’t want people to watch, and he wants them to participate.

Pat Stay and the rapper Rone had a funny “compliments battle” that got more than 1 million views on YouTube. In 2013, he fought Math Hoffa in a fight that Drake set up. Even though Pat Stay said he was done with battle rapping, he went back into the ring several times to show how much better he was. On January 26’s Blackout 3, he went up against Head ICE, Shotty Horroh, and Math Hoffa to prove it. Pat Stay got a lot of bad feedback for going after rappers below the belt.



Pat Stay made a lot of money from battle rap because he was good at it. Pat Stay is thought to be worth about $1 million, which shows how good he is as a rapper and performer.

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